We are here to help. HCSC’s purpose is to improve quality of life for others at a local, community,
and county level.

To this end, we provide business growth support to startups and small businesses as well as encourage recreational, environmental, and historical site tourism through local improvement projects and enhanced services,

All of the board members either presently own or have owned businesses. They all live in the Okanogan Highlands and are actively involved in community services and projects.  These members are also highly experienced and proven in the fields of Leadership, Environmental Responsibility, Web Design & Development, Security and Business Management.

HCSC was developed in response to the need of our local community to thrive in their choice of home. We are here to support these efforts through maintaining and improving our local rural environment,  promoting our agricultural roots, increasing wildlife tourism, and encouraging local entrepreneurial efforts to these ends.

As locals ourselves, HCSC understands the desire of people to live where they want to live and be able to support themselves in a healthy environment. We are here to help those persons develop and grow their earnings potentials while enjoying the rural environment to its fullest.